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About Us

Brands. Stories. Magic.

We are a value-driven Digital Marketing and Media agency dedicated to breaking the confines of the box to build brands people will love, use and talk about.

Why Loose?

Strategizing and Problem Solving

Using market insight and strategy we take on challenges that brands we serve are facing.


Suceeding and maintaining success we have brought to them

Out-of-the-box Creativity

Creative strategies and approaches to the challenges.

Our Services

Out of the box thinking that solves problems

Using impactful, integrated digital communication to grow brands and businesses

Digital services

Our understanding of how digital platforms work helps us to harness creativity and strategy to push brands beyond their imagination, bringing value to the mix.

Influencer marketing

We are experts in the world of influencer marketing and how it enhances a brand's marketing and advertising efforts.

PR distribution services

We understand the optics of brands and reputation marketing. This is why we put brands in a space that creates positive perception and association with consumers.

Media production services

Loose studios uses great craft to tell compelling audio-visual stories across different touchpoints – visual contents, designs, animation, film and radio production. Simply put, this is where the magic happens.

Our Designs


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